No My Lips Are Sealed Lipstick Topcoat

Lipstick Topcoat is a transparent gel that helps your lipstick last longer with less fading and smudging, and fewer embarrassing stains left behind on a coffee cup, glass or best friend's cheek! Simply glide it over your lipstick and dab off the excess product to seal in colour and hydrate your lips underneath. Never sticky, it's totally colourless and neutral in taste. Best of all, it won't change the colour of your lipstick so it's perfect to work with every shade and type. Now your lips are sealed but it's okay to tell.

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INGREDIENTS: Polyperfluoroisopropyl Ether, Silica Dimethyl Siylate

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  1. Apply your favourite lipstick colour onto bare lips.
  2. Blot lightly with tissue.
  3. Shake Lipstick Topcoat well and glide a generous coating over lipstick.
  4. Rinse face with warm water.
  5. Wipe the applicator clean and place it back in the container.
  6. Allow Lipstick Topcoat to dry for a few minutes, then test by kissing your hand. You should see no colour residue.

NOTE: Repeat with each fresh application of lipstick, especially after eating oily foods. It works beautifully.