Move aside frumpy sweaters and turtlenecks!  It’s time to shed some new light on our current wardrobe. With warmer weather on the rise it is safe to start moving some of our heavier items of clothing into storage. And thank goodness, because wool coats and down filled jackets take up so much valuable space. Space we need for spring fashion! After reviewing the major fashion shows for spring 2014 we have narrowed down some spring fashion and makeup trends that will be hot this season. Fashion trends we can expect to see:
  1. Floral Prints
  2. Metallic Shimmer
  3. Wide-Leg Trousers
  4. Longer Length Skirts
  5. Art Inspired Graphics
This year’s floral prints come in as many versions as there are those of use anxious to wear them.  The print ranges from super-subtle to super-brassy painted in every color and always feminine.  Not into sporting floral prints?  Consider mixing metallic and jewel tone colors or an art inspired graphic piece into your spring fashions for some added zing with your wardrobe selections. The wide-leg trousers and mid-length skirts can add flowing freshness to any spring outfit. Other trends to note are the crop top, which has now carried over two seasons. The hot must wear color for Spring 2014…blue. Mix these items into your spring outfit for a seasonal makeover. There are exciting makeup trends for Spring 2014 as well.  Which one do you want to try first?
  1. Orange Lipstick
  2. Blue Eyeshadow
  3. Cat Eyes
  4. Metallic Glitter Lids
  5. Glowing Skin
Let the Spring 2014 fashion and makeup trends enhance your beauty. Find what speaks to you and give it a try!