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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we've got answers.

1. How often should the Eye Patches be used?
2-3 times per week is generally recommended, however, there are no set requirement as everybody's skin type differs.

2. Should I use cream after using the Exfoliating Foot Mask? If so, why?
It's not mandatory to use moisturizing cream after using the exfoliating foot mask because the formulation contains Lemon, Papaya, Orange, and Apple extracts which hydrate and calm exfoliated skin. However, if you want a greater moisturizing effect you may use cream after using the exfoliating foot mask.

3. How often should I use your face masks?
2-3 times per week is generally recommended but there's no requirement as it depends on user's skin condition

4. Are Masque Bar products tested on animals and are they cruelty free?
We do not and shall not conduct, commission, or pay for animal testing.

5. Are Masque Bar products gluten free?

6. Are Masque Bar products safe to use while pregnant/breastfeeding?
We do not use hazardous ingredients for any of our products, however, it is always best to consult your healthcare professional before beginning new skin regimes.