Celebrity style is always a source of inspiration for fashion or makeup looks. They always look perfect, with the hottest red carpet dresses by world famous fashion designers.  While they use an entire team to help them look picture perfect, celebrities each still have their own unique and personal style.

What is your unique and personal style?  Take our Look Beauty Star style quiz to see!

  1. If there was one clothing item I would always pack with me on a trip it would be: 
    1. A ladylike wrap dress
    2. Leather leggings
    3. Tailored black blazer
    4. Comfy pair of blue jeans
    5. 6 inch heels
  2. My go to outfit for a night out on the town would be:
    1. A pink chiffon blouse with a grey pencil skirt and nude heels.
    2. A pair of parachute pants with a crop top and some spiked black heels.
    3. A little black dress with classic black pumps.
    4. A fitted shirt with some comfy jeans and cute wedges.
    5. A nude colored knight dress with ankle boots
  3. If I were a cocktail I would be:
    1. Champagne
    2. An apple sour
    3. A perfect 10 martini
    4. A cape cod
    5. A margarita
  4. My Makeup look is best described as:
    1. Fresh, light some blush and rose colored lipstick
    2. Edgy, black cat eye liner with a red lip
    3. Polished, defined brows, defined cheeks and nude colored gloss.
    4. Natural, light bronzer and chap stick
    5. Glam, sparkly lids with sun kissed glow
  5. I wouldn't be caught wearing:
    1. A dress with cutouts
    2. A white summer dress
    3. A tracksuit
    4. Anything neon or flashy
    5. A plaid shirt


Mostly A's: Your Style Star is Timeless Elegance. You choose to play up your feminine side and opt for a less is more approach.

Mostly B's: Your Style Star is Trendsetter. You're definitely the opposite of a wallflower. You choose to make your own rules when it comes to fashion mixing punk and rock with a softer edge.

Mostly C's: Your Style Star is True Fashionista. You sport a chic polished look that is always classic and tailored. You rock the hottest labels.

Mostly D's: Your Style Star is Natural Beauty. Your look is always effortless and classic. You opt for comfort and casual while remaining on trend.

Mostly E's: Your Style Star is Screen Siren. You scream glamour. The opposite of a plain Jane, your sexy style pushes the envelope every time.


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