We are so in love with the wonderful things that spring brings that we often forget some troubles it carries. By troubles I mean beauty dilemmas like oily skin, makeup disappearing and enlarged pores… gross right? Just like we had our fight against winter skin problems we must adopt new regimes to counteract these warmer weather blunders. The same skin that was dry as ice in the Winter has now become an oil slick. So what can we do? Face masks! Look Beauty’s pore refining and anti-blemish masks to be exact. Our Pore Refining Crème Mask is great for combatting enlarged pores giving you a more even and refined complexion. If oily skin is causing some unsightly blemishes our Anti-Blemish Mud Mask is the solution. It helps sooth irritated skin and bumps, controlling excess oil without leaving skin dried out. The best part is these masks are so affordable and with multiple treatments found in each package it’s truly a beauty steal. Now that your skin dilemmas are addressed there has to be a solution for your makeup problems. A good beauty tip is learning how to apply makeup with staying power during these warmer months. Switch to an oil free moisturizer and always apply a primer to avoid skin from absorbing your makeup. Another makeup tip is learning how to apply eyeshadow that stays put. This one is an easy fix; always use a primer or concealer on the eyelid before you apply your eyeshadow. Also switch to a liquid liner and waterproof mascara. Pencil liners and regular mascara can become smudged under warm weather conditions. Go for less heavy makeup looks this season. Steering clear from heavy eyeshadow and face makeup will ensure your look is polished and fresh at all times. LB Tip: Switch your cream foundation for a tinted moisturizer; this will help give you a luminous glow and the 2in1 factor saves you time in the morning.