January is the month of new starts - a year full of possibilities. January brings a spike in gym membership sales and resolutions. With some planning, your resolutions will not go the way of gym memberships and become the goals and objectives of the months to come.

Knowing how to set goals can be challenging for most of us. When setting goals we have the intention of following through but so many times goals become a distant wish made at the start of the year. This can easily be changed by simply adjusting the way we go about setting and attaining our goals.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help keep you aligned with your goals throughout the year, not just the month.

Vision boards are great motivators and fun to make. They bring your goals and objectives to life by providing a visual reminder of what you want. A vision board can be a mix of goals and things you hope come into our life by meeting your goals - a dream home, a new car or a future husband.

(Vision board example...)

Making a vision board is easy. You don't need to be an artist, just some glue, scissors, a blank board or an inexpensive certificate frame and as much magazines as you can find. Look through the magazines to source your goal images. Then use the images to organize and decorate the board so your goals can speak to you in a glance. When you're finished keep it somewhere visible so you can be reminded of the goals you set for yourself.

Vision boards not your thing? Try timeline goal setting. Timeline goal setting allows you to keep track of your progress by making daily, monthly and yearly goals. Long term goals like buying a home or travelling abroad should be broken down into smaller, obtainable goals that build to the larger goal. Long term goals should have a plan of action attached to the timeline. For example, getting a passport is a short term goal needed to achieve the long term goal of travelling abroad.

Goals and objectives are more like wishes if they do not come with a plan of how to get there. For example, fitness goals should be accompanied with a list of small daily nutrition and exercise goals. Tracking the progress of your short term goals will keep you motivated along the way ensuring resolution success!