Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether our relationship is as new as the season’s first rosebud or as timeless as a vintage Chanel bag; one thing stays true, we always want to take our Valentine’s breath away. This Valentine’s Day use your hair, makeup, and outfit to showcase your natural beauty creating a romantic look that is classic and light. Hair When creating the heart day hair that is right for you, draw your inspiration from these hairstyle ideas: Flirty down style - use a large tong and make loose curls by taking random sections of your hair creating loose, romantic curls. Half up/half down style – pull the top portion of your hair into a ponytail, leaving the bottom down.  Add some curls and hair accessories. Subtle updo style – place your hair in a slightly messy bun closer to the nape of the neck.  Tuck a soft flower into the bun for a romantic flair. Makeup Romantic makeup looks require a gentle touch. Start by preparing your skin with the Look Beauty facial mask that fits your skin needs. Next, mix your full coverage foundation with a bit of moisturizer before applying for a fresh, dewy look. Use a subtle touch on your eyes and give your lips and cheeks a gorgeous glow by applying the same pale pink or rose-colored shades on both areas.  The results will be timeless. Outfit Now pull your hairstyle and makeup together with the right Valentine’s Day outfit.  The key, as with your hair and makeup, is staying simple. Your outfit does not have to be red.  Any color is right if it complements your skin tone and flatters your figure.  The bottom line is if you feel comfortable and confident in the outfit, it will show and that is beautiful. Now you’re ready to celebrate in a fun, fresh, and flirty style! LB Beauty Tip: Want more makeup looks and hairstyle ideas? Search wedding magazines and websites for updo hairstyles and wedding makeup.