Tis the lipstick season for darker, more daring hues, and it's fantastic! Sure the light colors and glosses are every woman's go-to but there's something mysterious and alluring about a woman with a knockout punch of lip color.


While lighter shades give an innocent and demure look, reds and plums scream "Look at me world, here I am!" Many women are tempted by the confidence and power portrayed with darker lip colors but steer clear, intimated by making such a big statement.  Here are some tips to increase success when going bold with lip color.

 5 Top Do's and Don'ts

  1. Do start with a fresh and balanced complexion. Look Beauty's facial masks can help maintain a smooth and even complexion.
  2. Don't move too fast. If you only wear transparent gloss don't expect to feel comfortable in a deep burgundy lip. Try a tinted berry gloss and work up from there.
  3. Don't pair intense lip color with smokey eyes. Unless expertly done, these pairing can appear harsh. Simple black eyeliner complements bold lip color the best.
  4. Do outline lips first. The key to a polished bold lip is precision. Start with an outline of the lip first in a taupe liner and fill in with your lip shade.
  5. Do add color to your skin. Make sure you wear a nice blush or light bronzer as you want the look to be balanced.

Beyond the great colors this fall, the ombre lip effect is taking center stage.  Ombre is French for an effect with a gradual color transition from light to dark.  Creating the ombre lip effect is super easy even though it looks like you have to be an artist to create it. Here is the easy 5-step guide so you can add the wow factor to your makeup look!

Creating an Ombre Lip Effect

  1. Start by evening out your lips with a base. (Concealer works too!)
  2. Outline your lips using a dark lip liner.
  3. Fill inside with a medium-dark hued lipstick.
  4. Apply a very light almost nude lipstick to the center part where your lips touch. Again you can cheat and use concealer.
  5. Blend outwards and finish with a clear gloss.

Here is my take on a wearable ombre lip effect; you can adjust it to be more subtle or dramatic when recreating the look.

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Mastering this simple hot makeup trend can amp up your fall look and deliver that WOW you're looking for!