Everybody loves gathering with family and friends but now that the holidays have passed we may find our social calendar a little empty. No need to worry -- it’s Super Bowl time! Whether a fan or just enjoy get-togethers, hosting a Super Bowl party can be refreshing. Why? Because it’s comprised of finger foods, appetizers and drinks and fun! Eliminate the sit down dinners we just endured and bring out the finger foods. Super Bowl snacks and party foods are as easy to consume, as they are to make. When coming up with appetizer ideas be sure to have a good variety, including healthy appetizer options. Here is a healthy spinach dip to serve with pita triangles and veggies. Delicious Spinach and Artichoke Dip
  1. Thaw prepackaged spinach from the frozen food aisle.
  2. In a skillet, heat a tablespoon of olive oil, sauté one medium onion and 2 cloves of garlic.
  3. Add the spinach and mix together.
  4. In a blender add one can of artichoke hearts (remove the water), spinach mixture, 1 tablespoon light cream cheese, and 2 tablespoons low-fat sour cream.
  5. Blend and add salt and pepper to taste.
Store the dip in your fridge until ready to use and then reheat it in the oven before serving. This recipe is sure to keep those health conscious eaters happy. More Super Bowl appetizer options include mini beef sliders, baked jalapeno poppers, quesadillas, and baked chicken wings. By opting for baked rather than fried, you can feel a little less guilt without sacrificing the flavor. After all, who wants cucumber sandwiches while watching the big game? Finally, for party decorations go fun and informal by having streamers with your favorite team’s colors. Supply markers and cups to kids at the party for their own personalization. Throw in some paper plates and sheets of blank paper to create their own team inspired decorations. It’s important to make sure everyone is having a good time.  Plan some additional activities like having guests guess the winning team and final score as they come in, or play post-game charades to get everyone moving around. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself as much as your guests.