It's the time of year when even offices fill with cheer and host annual holiday celebrations. Whether a low-key gathering or a black tie affair there are a few fundamental do's and don'ts that will insure you have fun while leaving a good impression without regret.

holiday work parties

The Fashion:

Work parties often happen during the week. Here are a few ideas to simplify your life and move you from office proper to party-ready in a flash.

  1. Little Black Dress. Consider wearing a black dress underneath a cardigan thereby dressing it down for the office. Simply remove the cardigan and go, or add a festive blazer when it's time to head to the party. Black is a fantastic base color easily played up or down depending on the party venue. A word of caution: Appropriate office party wear shouldn't include plunging necklines and short hemlines. Make your lasting impression for all the right reasons.
  2. Stilettos. The right pair of stylish heels can make any outfit pop. Carry them to the office in a shoe bag and pull them out when it's time to go.
  3. Accessories. Earrings, a necklace or a detailed belt can bring that wow factor to any outfit and is easily stored in your purse.
  4. Bobby Pins. Give your hair a quick style with these little life savers! Create an easy low bun and secure with bobby pins giving you a party updo in seconds.
  5. Red Lipstick. This quick makeup tip will save you! Ditch the added time of creating complicated smokey eyes. Simply cut your makeup time in half and add glamour with an elegant red lip.

Now that you are dressed and looking fabulous it's time to hit the party.

The Food:

Holiday parties often include alcohol. Be sure to monitor your drink consumption. It may be a party, but it is also an extension of the workplace. Don't let too much alcohol affect your behavior. Always maintain a level of professionalism and take this opportunity to make a good first impression on fellow employees.

The Talk:

Enjoy the party talk but remember your business etiquette rules. Hot topics like religion and politics are better saved for private gatherings. Instead plan ahead. Be up-to-date on current events, and happenings in your community. Office party conversations should be stimulating while respectful of others.

The Fun:

Have fun, be social, circle the room and give others a better sense of who you are. This may be the entryway to getting noticed and remembered by company decision-makers for all the right reasons!