Oh the holidays... part of the fun is the chance to glam it up. Unlike other times in the year, holiday makeup looks are special. Cosmetic companies (big and small) come out with their annual "Holiday Collection" giving us the opportunity to look glamorous!


While each year offers its own new trend, there are staples that stay the same. The colors of the season can come alive with the smokey eye and bold lips! Most importantly there is the luminous complexion; no makeup look is complete without it. It's like a painting without a good canvas.

The Luminous Complexion

A luminous complexion is a must before recreating the rest of your holiday look.

  1. Start by using the Look Beauty skin perfecting mask targeted for you specific skin needs.
  2. After the mask, apply your favorite moisturizer and foundation. Mix them to create a sheer natural look.
  3. Apply a small bit of concealer in problem areas like under eyes, around nose, and any blemishes.
  4. Sweep blush on cheeks or use bronzer to contour your face.
  5. Apply a highlighter or a nude colored eyeshadow above cheek bones, on nose, and around inner corners of the eyes
  6. Finally finish with a translucent powder to set.

Ramp up your natural look in a flash with the right products in your bag of tricks: eyeliner - go from day to night in a flash; bronzer - doubles as eye shadow and provides a sun-kissed glow; sheer berry gloss - the right amount of color and shine.

The Smokey Eyes

When creating this eye makeup look be sure to use a high quality blending brush. Tools make all the difference.

  1. Start by applying an eye base or concealer over eyelid.
  2. Apply the darkest shade of eyeshadow in your smokey eye color scheme. In this case it would be a deep chocolate brown.
  3. Blend outwards with a blending brush masking sure to have it gradually fade away at the ends.
  4. Grab a black/brown liner and outline the outer top and bottom of your eyes.
  5. Use an angle brush with the darkest shadow and run it under the bottom liner.
  6. Clean up any mistakes with a cotton swab and finish with multiple coats of mascara.

Look Beauty Tip: Keep lips natural to avoid looking like you have on a lot of makeup.

The Red Lips

Picking the right shade of red lipstick can be a little tricky. Following these pointers based on skin tone can make the job easier during your red lipstick discovery process.

  1. Fair skin: Orange Hued Reds
  2. Olive skin: Pinky Hued Reds
  3. Darker skin: Berry Hued Reds

Look Beauty Tip: Don't overdo it. Additional makeup with red lipstick should be minimal as to not overpower the glamour of your lips.

Party makeup ideas are fun and adventurous but holiday makeup looks are classic and timeless.