The winter months can be great for fashion but tough on our skin. Let's face it winter skin care is different from other seasons. There are so many skin problems brought on by colder weather: blistering winds tightens our skin, dropping temperatures steals our moisture, and the winter sun burns our cheeks. So what can we do to fend ourselves from old man winter?


Here are some skin care tips that can help you fight the good winter skin fight:

  1. Good skin care begins with sunscreen even in the winter. Apply it under your moisturizer or save time by using a sunscreen moisturizer combination.
  2. Switch to a cream moisturizer verses a lotion. A cream provides the additional moisture you need during the cold months.
  3. Add quality skin treatments to your regime with Look Beauty facial masks. Our collection of facial treatments will help you combat your facial skin problems and provide much needed vitamins and minerals for healthier look.
  4. Keep a cocoa butter salve handy. This can be used on any cracked, dry flaky skin like hands and lips.
  5. Never skip your night cream, it's the time for your skin to regenerate and when your skin is heated up during sleep the moisturizers penetrate deeper allowing for maximum absorption.

For an extra boost, try Look Beauty's Brightening Sheet Mask. It is packed with vitamin C, orange extract and licorice root to help fight against a dull lackluster complexion... a definite symptom of winter blues.

If your hands are also taking a beating, consider a home remedy for dry skin made with equal parts olive oil and sugar. This exfoliating scrub is a natural cost effective way to get rid of dead skin. Once the dead skin is off follow with a generous portion of your cocoa butter salve.

Now that you have given yourself the gift of a glowing complexion, show it off while ringing in 2014! Olivia Wilde's icy blue winter goddess inspired look featured in Allure magazine is one of our favorites. She plays up her eyes while keeping the rest very minimal. You can create that smokey eye look with any color palette, but really make it sparkle on New Year's Eve by adding a silver shimmery shade to the mix.