Fall is here with great fall fashions and new fall colors like carafe - a rich, glamorous brown. While dark shades are gorgeous in fashion, they're not so beautiful spotting your face.  

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To help minimize the appearance of dark spots kick your skin care regiment up a notch with Look Beauty's Skin Brightening Sheet Mask. It is a great addition to any skin care routine. The mask is saturated with orange extract, licorice root and vitamin C, leaving all skin tones looking more radiant. Best of all its hydroquinone-free making it effective on all skin tones. Also, don't pack away your sunscreen just because it is fall. Just because the sun can't be seen, it doesn't mean that we should protect against its harmful rays. Continuing sunscreen year-round is an anti-wrinkle tool we all can practice. The dry weather of fall creates dryer skin which can lead to cracks and the appearance of fine lines. Be sure to add extra moisturizer to your anti- aging skin care arsenal. Maximize skin rehydration with this Pro Tip: Apply a generous amount of moisturizer before bed because skin heats up at night allowing deeper absorption. Great care makes great skin!