Holiday celebrations are done and the shorter days, colder temperatures, and less sunlight of Winter can leave us feeling deprived. It’s time to come up with fun things to do to keep our spirits high and help fight these seasonal blues. Instead of braving the bitter cold for a girl’s night out, host a girl’s night in instead! Make it interesting by having a party theme. Only have a small window of time?  Have a Tea Party and book swap.  Guests can trade books while sipping a hot cup of tea and some easy conversation.  This girl’s night in theme is a great way to make new friends and bond over something they have in common. Want something fancy?  Consider a Parisian Night In with a wine and cheese pairings party.  When creating your pairings follow this simple rule:  pair the wine with a cheese from the same country. For example Brie, a French cheese, is paired with a French Rose.  Use inexpensive wood cutting boards as cheese platters and toothpicks and paper to create mini cheese labeling flags. Spice up the festivities with a fun activity such as having guests write their review of the wine and cheese pairing on brown craft paper covering the table. Want something simpler?  Consider an Old Fashioned Slumber Party.  Invite your girlfriends to bring their favorite pajamas and flick for an evening of fun.  Share a variety of fun games and give each other facials with Look Beauty facial masks, while laughing the winter blues away!