1. What is Your Style Star?

    Celebrity style is always a source of inspiration for fashion or makeup looks. They always look perfect, with the hottest red carpet dresses by world famous fashion designers.  While they use an entire team to help them look picture perfect, celebrities each still have their own unique and personal style.

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  2. Spring on the Horizon

    Move aside frumpy sweaters and turtlenecks!  It’s time to shed some new light on our current wardrobe. With warmer weather on the rise it is safe to start moving some of our heavier items of clothing into storage. And thank goodness, because wool coats and down filled jackets take up so much valuable space. Space we need for spring fashion!

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  3. De-Clutter and Make Room

    Clutter can take over your home leaving you overwhelmed. Thoughts of organizing your home can be daunting causing us to put it off until we have more time. The reality is there will never be more time unless we break it down to small jobs making organization easy and fast.

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  4. A New Year's Makeover in a Flash

    Happy New Year! A new year often sparks the need for change - for an event or for the year. So bring on the new look or a special occasion makeover! But wait... before you make a dramatic change read on.

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  5. Holiday Work Parties...How to stand out for the right reasons

    It's the time of year when even offices fill with cheer and host annual holiday celebrations. Whether a low-key gathering or a black tie affair there are a few fundamental do's and don'ts that will insure you have fun while leaving a good impression without regret.

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  6. Taking Runway Fashion to the Streets

    The recent Toronto Fashion Week brings an end to this year's fashion season. Regardless if the runway was in New York, London, Paris or Toronto, there have been great looks with lots of leather - in tops and bottoms, oversized coats, and color statements in emerald green and the black and white combination.

    Toronto fashion week in particular offered a strong presence of mixed floral and furs, bold necklaces and of course we can't forget mad hatters!

    fashion week blog

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  7. Classic Fall Beauty with a Twist

    Just as the scenery around us follows Mother Nature's color scheme, so should your fall make-up palette.

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  8. Get Your Skin Fit for Fall

    Fall is here with great fall fashions and new fall colors like carafe - a rich, glamorous brown. While dark shades are gorgeous in fashion, they're not so beautiful spotting your face.  

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