We have all seen it on television, the romantic date with an overpriced 3-course dinner followed by an even more expensive gift.  What they don’t show you are the mountains of bills that follow.  Good news!  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive to be wonderful!  Enjoy your day of red without spending a lot of green! The Dinner When it comes to romantic date ideas, consider ordering in or making dinner together at home. There are many online recipes that are simple and delicious and a lot cheaper than going out for dinner. Take your time in the kitchen, work together, and enjoy the process. Then when it is time to eat, be sure to continue the date mood with candles and a beautiful table setting. The Gift Valentine’s Day gifts are about the expression not the dollar value. DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas are unique gifts that say “you’re special” while saving your wallet. Here are some DIY gift ideas. Coupon Book: So cute and great, gather some blank sheets of paper, decorating supplies and create redeemable coupons. Examples of some coupons are: movie night your pick, breakfast in bed, or 100% off washing dishes. The sky is the limit! Personalized Coffee Mug: Get some glass paint or markers from your local craft store and customize a mug with initials or a cute quote. Homemade Treats: Is the way to your Valentine’s heart through the stomach?  Then some tasty edible treats may be the answer. Wrap them in clear cellophane bags, decorate with ribbon and add a personalized nametag. Bake a big batch and use the extras for coworkers and friends. Don’t lose heart if DIY is not your style. A thoughtful inexpensive gift such as a book by a favorite author or a gift basket with toiletries and everyday items can say “You’re Special”. The Card No matter if you go out or celebrate at home, every Valentine appreciates a card.  The more personal the card the better, so consider making your own Valentine’s Day cards. Don’t feel like an artist or a poet? Not a problem, search the Internet for Valentine’s Day quotes and images or better yet use your own pictures. With so many free applications for picture collages it’s so easy and a lot of fun. Remember romance is not about spending money, but instead about giving of your time.