Everybody has those moments when things just aren’t going right making us moody and irritable. Mood swings can be annoying and conflicting to those around us. Need some tips on how to minimize the amount of time life bring us down? Try these... Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Every time something happens that has the potential to bring you down ask yourself this really simple question: “Is it in my control or not?”  We all have things we can control like our mind, our outlook, or what we choose to eat. We can’t control traffic or an angry neighbor, so why give energy and attention to things we can’t change? Learning to distinguish what is in our control, and what is not, should be the first step when faced with a stressor. Watch feel good movies and listen to feel good songs. Watching something that makes us laugh or puts life into perspective can really change our mood. Taking that break to sit back, relax and be worry-free for at least 90 minutes can do wonders. Create a playlist of feel good tracks, transfer the list to your mobile device and always have it handy when you need a booster. Care for the star of your life’s story - YOU. You are the protagonist in your life story and you deserve the star treatment! Keep your self-confidence and self-esteem strong. Strengthen your insides by eating well, getting moving, and enjoy rest. Having a balanced diet helps your mind and body stay strong through life’s ups and downs. By keeping active and exercising, you release the feel good endorphins that can give you the lift you need. Lack of sleep can deprive your mental function setting a downward tone for your day. It is also important to take care of your outward appearance. Start your day by applying a colorful lipstick. The pop of color can kick-start your day. Need a little extra? Use one of Look Beauty’s masks when you need a 20-minute pick-up. How we feel about ourselves affects our mood so give yourself compliments and don’t forget how great you truly are. Count your blessings. Yes, this can seem difficult on days where nothing is going right but starting your day by saying something you are grateful for can change your outlook. The next time you are stuck in traffic on the way to work say 3 things out loud that you are thankful for. At night before bed write down the best part of your day, even if it was just that really good cup of coffee you had.  This simple process can help you realize the small pleasures in life we miss by focusing on the bad.