Clutter can take over your home leaving you overwhelmed. Thoughts of organizing your home can be daunting causing us to put it off until we have more time. The reality is there will never be more time unless we break it down to small jobs making organization easy and fast.

For example, instead of taking on the entire room simply start with a closet. Most of us hold on to things a little longer than we should leave closets bursting. Bringing in more than we take out, holding onto things hoping they fit or return to style again, turns our closets into clutter, mess, and chaos. But weight loss is a process and when fashion trends resurface they bring new and modernized twists. So, what should do we do? Reduce and organize - one step at a time. Here are some of our closet organizing tips to help you make this as painless as possible:

How to organize your closet:

  1. Take everything out of your closet looking for those items you immediately know need to go, like that boa from your sister's bachelorette party or light-up sweater from great Aunt Ruth.
  2. Separate winter and summer clothing. Pack away your summer dresses, shorts and bathing suits. Keep only the items for the current season your closet.
  3. Jeans are often a "big collector" in closets. Go through your jeans separating what fits and what does not. Select your favorite pair from the "don't fit" pile for motivation if you want to return to that size and donate the rest.
  4. Return items to your closet turning all the hangers the opposite way. Then every time you use an item, hang it the right way when returning it to the closet.
  5. At the change of the season, look for all the hangers still facing the wrong way. These are the pieces never got used and are ready for donation.
  6. Research charities where you can donate your used items. Finding a cause that speaks to you can make it easier to let it go.

Once you have parted ways with your extra, don't forget the power of closet solutions. There are easy closet solutions that won't require you to spend a fortune in custom closets. Organization with closet solutions can help you stay on track and identify problem areas before it overruns the space. By using scarf hangers, accessory holders, and shoe racks you can keep similar items together and better identify what you already have avoiding buying duplicates.

De-Cluttering is an ongoing process so target one problem a month and source a storage solution that works for you. This targeted approach will be less overwhelming and will make the de-cluttering process painless, and maybe even fun!