1. Introducing - BLACK GOLD!

    Introducing our newest line of products, the BLACK GOLD collection. We took your favourite charcoal and gold foil products and combined them for an all new masking experience!

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  2. Look Beauty @ NYFW

    During one of the busiest times in NYC, our street team covered multiple locations for a wonderful street activation. They went around to Times Square, Columbus Circle, Central Park, Herald Square and Soho to hand out samples of our [email protected] products.  

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  3. Look Beauty @ TIFF 2016

    In early September, our  “Look Street Team” was at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) giving out samples of our Masque Bar by Look Beauty products.

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  4. Look Beauty @ TIFF 2014

    On a beautiful September day, our “Look Street Team” was at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) giving out samples of our Masque Bar by Look Beauty products. Check out these great shots!

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  5. Romantic Looks to Try on Your Date

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether our relationship is as new as the season’s first rosebud or as timeless as a vintage Chanel bag; one thing stays true, we always want to take our Valentine’s breath away.

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  6. A New Year's Makeover in a Flash

    Happy New Year! A new year often sparks the need for change - for an event or for the year. So bring on the new look or a special occasion makeover! But wait... before you make a dramatic change read on.

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  7. Holiday Glitz and Glamour: The Looks that Rock

    Oh the holidays... part of the fun is the chance to glam it up. Unlike other times in the year, holiday makeup looks are special. Cosmetic companies (big and small) come out with their annual "Holiday Collection" giving us the opportunity to look glamorous!

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  8. Holiday Work Parties...How to stand out for the right reasons

    It's the time of year when even offices fill with cheer and host annual holiday celebrations. Whether a low-key gathering or a black tie affair there are a few fundamental do's and don'ts that will insure you have fun while leaving a good impression without regret.

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  9. Lip Shades! Creating that Trendy Ombre Lip Effect

    Tis the lipstick season for darker, more daring hues, and it's fantastic! Sure the light colors and glosses are every woman's go-to but there's something mysterious and alluring about a woman with a knockout punch of lip color.

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  10. DIY Home Beauty Treatments with the Seasons Star Player... Pumpkin!

    Pumpkin is arguably this month's most celebrated ingredient. We carve it, mash it, bake it, and puree it. We light it up and serve it up. So why shouldn't we make it the star of our October beauty treatments too?

    Halloween marks the start of what is often an expensive holiday season with parties to plan, places to go, and endless gifts to wrap. So, after you have exhausted all the pumpkin recipes, use the leftover pumpkin to make your own pumpkin hair mask, body scrub, and body butter (recipes below). These treatments, partnered with your favorite Look Beauty facial mask, make for the perfect low cost at-home spa treatment.

    After making the pumpkin spa treatment items, start by applying the hair mask. While the hair mask is conditioning, apply a Look Beauty facial mask. Look Beauty offers five different facial masks addressing some of the most common face care issues. Look Beauty combines vitamins, extracts, and essential elements in an easy-to-use spa like facial treatment. Partnering these treatments together you receive double the benefit without spending double the time!

    With your hair and face refreshed, use the pumpkin body scrub to slough off dry skin and the pumpkin body butter to rehydrate. Concerned about the smell of pumpkin? That may not be all bad. A study conducted by The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation showed that 40% of men responded positively to the pumpkin scent when mixed with lavender.


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