Happy New Year! A new year often sparks the need for change - for an event or for the year. So bring on the new look or a special occasion makeover! But wait... before you make a dramatic change read on.

We have all had those moments where we crave change so badly we do something drastic like a super short bob or that Rihanna red hair! Then the allure quickly wears off leaving us in panic mode. Before taking the plunge, tryout your new look makeover without the commitment.

Try a short hair look without scissors:
(works best with layered hair)

  1. Start by blow drying hair with a round brush
  2. Section hair and secure half with a pony-tail
  3. Tuck the ponytail in with bobby pins
  4. Arrange the rest of hair to look like a bob (tucking in ends with pins)
  5. Add some volume by teasing and finish with hairspray

When it comes to fashion ideas don't forget about the power of accessories. We can truly make ourselves over by simply opting for an edgy accessory. For example a cute winter hat can elevate your look to instant fashionista while a floral scarf adds an elegant touch to any outfit.

Look Beauty tip: Want a new color without the risk? Try a semi-permanent hair color for a temporary change. They typically wash out after 28 shampoos and they allow you to test out a color before committing all the way. (Be sure to read the product instructions carefully.)

Another way to add some pizzazz on New Year's is by switching your classic red lip to something more unique like an orange, raspberry or cherry hue. Don't forget to start your makeup application by prepping your skin with one of Look Beauty's masks from our Masque Bar collection. Select the one that speaks to your skin needs, leaving you ready for the New Year!