Enjoy the ‘Day of Red’ Without a lot of Green

We have all seen it on television, the romantic date with an overpriced 3-course dinner followed by an even more expensive gift.  What they don’t show you are the mountains of bills that follow.  Good news!  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive to be wonderful!  Enjoy your day of red without spending a lot of green! READ MORE

Hosting an Award-Winning Super Bowl Party

Everybody loves gathering with family and friends but now that the holidays have passed we may find our social calendar a little empty. No need to worry — it’s Super Bowl time! Whether a fan or just enjoy get-togethers, hosting a Super Bowl party can be refreshing. Why? Because it’s comprised of finger foods, appetizers and drinks and fun! READ MORE

De-Clutter and Make Room

Clutter can take over your home leaving you overwhelmed. Thoughts of organizing your home can be daunting causing us to put it off until we have more time.  The reality is there will never be more time unless we break it down to small jobs making organization easy and fast. READ MORE

Giving Your Skin a New Year’s Gift

The winter months can be great for fashion but tough on our skin. Let’s face it winter skin care is different from other seasons. There are so many skin problems brought on by colder weather: blistering winds tightens our skin, dropping temperatures steals our moisture, and the winter sun burns our cheeks. So what can we do to fend ourselves from old man winter? READ MORE