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Brightening Mask

This fox character print sheet mask helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and various pigmentation. Infused with coffee extract, licorice root and vitamin C, which helps reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.

DIRECTIONS: 1) Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.
2) Open the packet and take out and unfold the mask.
3) Apply the mask on the face. Smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin.
4) Wear the mask for 10-20 minutes.
5) To remove the mask, peel off slowly from the edges.
6) Tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.

WARNINGS: Avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin. Stop and consult a doctor if skin becomes red, swollen and/or itchy during or after use. In the event of eye contact, rinse with water. Avoid using on skin which is sensitive to bandages or tapes, storing under direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Keep out of reach of children. To prevent dryness, use mask at once after opening pouch.

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